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2) Download Color Targets

The following downloads contain printable color targets, instructions and order forms.


2.1) Windows Users

These downloads are in .zip format. If you are unable to un-zip these files, you can download a free version of the PKZip reader at the following website: http://www.pkware.com

> Download RGB targets for Windows (.zip format, 370 KB)
> Download CMYK targets for Windows (.zip format, 850 KB)

2.2) Macintosh Users

These files are in .sit (Stuffit) format. Most Macintosh computers come with Stuffit expander.  If for some reason you do not have Stuffit Expander, you can download a free version at the following website: http://www.stuffit.com

> Download RGB targets for Macintosh (.sit format, 430 KB)
> Download CMYK targets for Macintosh (.sit format, 1 MB)

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